All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19

All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19


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  • Assertive communication and successful work with people

Assertive communication and successful work with people

Efficient communication is the key for establishing and maintaining relationship with people, both on private and professional level. Some people have natural talent and can communicate easily, but there are others who find communication challenging. In any case, as it also happens with other skills, we should practice to communicate. Why should we do it at all? The answer is very simple. To make it easier for us and to be able to reach our desired goals smoothly

Communication can be crucial for relations with people. How shall we communicate in a best way, how are we making first impression, what is assertive communication, and how are we giving and receiving information in the most effective way? Do you know when you should speak, when to listen, and when to ask questions? Are you aware of your rights and other people rights? Those are some of the areas we will speak about and practice.


This training will improve your communication skills, understanding, increase productivity and effectiveness. This pulls out the series of follow-up events that are leading to the increase of your self-confidence.

What are the subjects

Basic rules of communication

  • What is communication generally
  • Difference between kindness and polite behavior
  • Words that can potentially cause misunderstanding
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Asking questions

Communication for self-confidence – Assertiveness

  • What is the meaning of assertiveness?
  • Perception and expectations
  • Possible different ways of understanding things among people
  • Our rights and the rights of other people
  • Expressing feelings and thoughts in a sound way
  • Managing verbal and non-verbal behavior
  • Improve active listening
  • Develop good interpersonal relations

What are the benefits:

  • Understanding basic rules of communication
  • Understanding different types of communication and adapting to the situation
  • Mastering assertive communication
  • Developing self-confidence, authority and knowledge in order to strengthen personal credibility
  • Overcoming how to say “No”
  • Understanding the importance of listening to the others
  • Developing good interpersonal relations
  • Building of trust, mutual respect and understanding
  • Practice, practice, practice ...

Duration of training

  • 1 day

Training duration:

  • 1 day

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Assertive communication and successful work with people

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