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Marketing for sales force       

Do you understand marketing basics? The role of consumer behavior? How marketing strategy is developed and implemented?
As you know, businesses exist to serve customers. Marketing is the department that ensures the company stays focused on the customer and makes customer satisfaction a top priority. Marketers develop a clear understanding of what customers value and advise other departments how to create value for customers.

As you become familiar with marketing basics, you will discover how to approach decisions by taking customer relationships into account. Develop a more open and productive dialogue with the marketing department and promote communication and understanding between marketing and all other departments in your company.


How You Will Benefit:

•    Define marketing and explain its role and purpose
•    Understand the value of marketing and the marketing function
•    Improve communication and interaction with the marketing department
•    Integrate a marketing orientation into your thinking and communication
•    Factor customer requirements into your decision-making on products, services, price and distribution

Training duration:

  • 1 day

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