All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19

All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19

New face in Skills - Duki :)

Hi friends! I'm Duki, and when I'm a little naughty they call me Dusko :)

I lived on a hill near a school in blocks for almost a year. I played with the kids, slept where I got to, and drank water from the puddles.

The good people mostly fed me meat and there were delicious snacks on the school breaks. Overall Dog Freelancer (I just learned that word).


However, an incredible change has occurred to me. My buddy, Coko Moko Labrador Don, persuaded his roommate and she adopted me.

Instead of the hill I slept on, now we all sleep on the bed. I am often driven by a car and I make a lot of new human friends. And they're not all that bad either. You look at them a little gently and you can do anything with them. They listen :)

With such luxury, there were a few commitments. It turns out our roommate is super busy. So I started going to work with her to a very cool company. Skills - when I go there I know there will be snacks!

I was very confused at first. It's a little different there than at home. The roommate does not allow us to sit on her head, lick her feet and jump at the visitors. We're a 'good dogs' there - though I'm still learning what that means.


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Don has a favorite friend in Skills. He seems to be the leader of their pack. Everyone listens to him and he doesn't give them rewards. That was weird to me… but fine. We Have Something in Common - Dragan Don Duki - Big D! It's the men's D team.

There are also many gentle creatures there. The two of them just tweet and I think they are a little scared of me when I'm naughty :). We call them: our aunts. They often keep me safe while our roommate makes money for our food (so she says, so it's easier for me to let her go). This is how I wait for her to come back.


Most importantly, they all feed and pamper us.

People remember, four paws are smarter than two legs, it is SO nice to be a PET FRIENDLY COMPANY!

And I learned this there: Best regards, give me 4!

Duki – novi član Skills tima