Skills 19th birthday

We celebrate our birthday on 9th December :) As previous 19, this was very exciting year for us:


We celebrate our birthday on 9th December :)

As previous 19, this was very exciting year for us:

1. We introduced many new trainings

2. We hired new team members

3. We are proud to announce our 300th client

4. We hosted grand Team Bonding competition and ...

... get the sweetest Skills member


We are entering our 20th year full of plans and optimism :) Thank you all for your support during all this years, and future help in our continuous development.

Skills team


The first Skills TeamBonding competition

TeamBonding, specific  team building cooking activity is designed on concept that good fun and positive energy sharing among employees could be prolonged from just a couple of days that usual team building lasts to whole month.

During this time, team members are sharing ideas and discussing about their team presentation, that helps them to get to know each other better, which is the the most important. This year TeamBonding participants were numerous companies from different industries, grouped in more than 20 TeamBonding events.
All participants of the first TeamBonding competition proved to be a real experts not only in grill cooking, but also in original and creative team presentations. This is the greatest heritage of the first TeamBonding competition finals.

This event, as the complete TeamBonding 2015 project, established and realized by Skills, headed by Dragan Đorđević, has a charity side – ten percent of total profit of all TeamBondings, is dedicated to »Dobri rođak«, charity organization for non privileged children.

Even though they belong to different industries, like pharmaceutical, confectioneries, banking and cosmetics, team members from the companies competing in finals showed exceptional cooking skills.

The winning TeamBonding Corporate Cooking Experience 2015 team is „Škembići“ of Piraeus Bank, that took the victory by exceptional devotion, team work and culinary skills.

TeamBonding competition will be held this year, with many new moments developed on base of this year experiences, and with reference to plans of AAH Asocijacije Autentičnih Hedonista (Authentic Hedonist Association) for year 2016.

We are grateful to all participants and congratulations to the winners!




New teambuilding trend is here

Dragan Đorđević, Skills director speaks for BIZLife about  Asocijaciji Autentičnih Hedonista  (Authentic Hedonist Association) and about new trend in team building based on very interesting concept of cooking and fun with colleagues.

What is Team Bonding and how do you do it here?

TeamBonding is  team building in cooking. For us this in not new idea, because in Skills we have been doing it for twelve years. What is new is more fun and getting together because team members are invited to design team presentation, including branding of their appearance, aprons, hats, logos, team name and menus. Usual team building lasts for day or two, whereas here team effort lasts at least one month. During this time tams are discussing and exchanging ideas about event. Many teams are practicing grilling, so the team work is much substantially upgraded. Instead of one day, team building lasts more than 30 days, ant this means more than a month of friendship and meeting with your colleagues in a fun way. The name came out from idea that you can have coffee or a drink with anybody, but you can have lunch or  dinner only with someone you are bonded. That is why we call it TeamBonding, the name that we registered.

What made you initiate TeamBonding in Serbia?

We believe that Skills could live and develop only if we introduce new trainings and team games every year. This year needed something new. The fact is that cooking is absolute hit around the world, and something that our people do more, and more often with friends. Also, I am CHO - Chief Hedonist Officer of  AAH (Authentic Hedonist Association), where we have Hedonistic Skills Academy. One of our academy master class is food preparation, or cooking to be more precise, so it was not so difficult to put together personal pleasure with what is currently actual in the world, and fit within various employee profiles in local companies.

 team bonding skills

How many companies participated and from what industries?

This was the first year, and we engaged ten companies, at over twenty TeamBonding events. They came from various industries  – banking, pharmaceuticals, confectioneries, IT, media, cosmetics and social enterprises.

What are participants reactions?

Even thou this is the first TeamBonding year, experience is excellent and almost all participants were more than satisfied. For example in July we hosted two TeamBondings at  38C°. You can imagine the heat when you are over smoking grill at this temperature! Yet no body complained, and everybody had great time. Team presentation sometimes is whole show, with original approach and personal inscription of each team members. We have all this documented on video and photo. And, of course they all are interested in next year competition.

Employees in Serbia are not particularly excited with idea of “compulsory friendship with colleagues”. Why is TeamBonding different?

This is much true for some people. However what the most people want is to get together with with colleagues out of company surroundings, to have personal, not virtual communication through social networks. TeamBonding is original because everybody has a chance to be creative without borders, and do have enough time to prepare for it. Our experience is that when given an opportunity to be creative, most people are.
TeamBonding is basically very simple, but actually it is very complex. There are many details to consider.  However executing TeamBondinga is pleasure for us, because we are in this business for 19 years. It is this experience that drives TeamBonding. We have top team to  execute and coordinate that raise this program to new level. And something very important  – 10 percents of total profit of TeamBonding is dedicated to charity, so we as company, as well as all participants contribute to society.

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"HR Experience & Innovation" conference

We received invitation from our dear friends from Macedonia for a very important event – 7th International HR expo conference, organized by Macedonian Human resources Association from Skopje. For more information visit MHRA web site.


Dear all,

I am pleased to invite to the 7th International HR Conference and HR Expo: "HR Experience & Innovation" in organization the Macedonian Human Resources Association (MHRA). The Conference will take place on 30th of October at M6 Educational Centre in Skopje.

At this event you will have the opportunity to find out about the international HR experience innovative practices applied by HR professionals in their companies from the region.
Presenters for this year's HR conference who have will deliver their presentations are the following:

• Mihaela Smadilo, Global Business Leadership Partner, IBM (Croatia) / the Prometheus HR Manager of the Year, 2014;
• Vesna Vodopivec, Director of HR and Organization Development, NLB (Slovenia);
• Joke Land, Psychologist, Systemic Specialist, NLP Master Trainer, Bureau Land & Partners (Netherlands)
• Dr. Leslie Szamosi, Professor, City College, University of Sheffield (Greece) and
• Corneliya Veneva, HR Manager and Business Partner for South-East Europe in SAP(Bulgaria)

During the conference MHRA traditionally is organizing an HR EXPO where the consulting companies, training centers, universities, head-hunting and recruitment companies and agencies for temporary employments, publishing companies etc, will have opportunities to present their services for the business sector representatives and the HR professionals.

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