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6 reasons why you should choose Skills

1. Over 63,200 course takers

Young people, whose career has just started, people attending a training course for the first time as well as experienced managers holding top positions in their companies have all availed themselves of our innovative, practical training method, of which we are truly proud. More than 63,200 people have attended our training courses and team building events.

2. List of references with 384+ clients

It makes us really proud to say that our list of references includes more than 384+ companies. The number gains in its importance in view of the fact that we exclusively deal with in-house training. We have worked with different industries, domestic as well as multinational companies and the public sector.

3. Skills Innovative learning experience – our methodology ©

We can offer you much more than just an ‘ordinary’ training course or a course of the ‘training only’ type. We develop our programmes by tailoring them to your needs. We do not adapt your needs to our training courses. We only hold the so-called ‘closed training sessions’ so that we are fully aware that each client is special and, consequently, it will be our pleasure to adapt our training to you. It is crucial to point out that we apply the 80/20 method, namely the method including 80%of practice and 20 % of theory. Read more here.

4. Our Experience Training Centre

We have a unique training centre, the Experience centar. The multifunctional, multipurpose and multimedia space, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment needed to hold our training courses, is situated at the Yu Business Centre.

5. Skills trainers

We can always provide you with a trainer with considerable experience in the relevant training field. We cooperate with 15 trainers, each of whom has 17 years of experience on average in the relevant training field. We have been cooperating with all trainers for at least 5 years. When several Skills trainers work for you, what you get is synergy-enhanced training quality due to their flawless teamwork and Skills methodology.

6. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

The Skills firm, headed by its management and staff, deeply believes and supports the concept of corporate social responsibility. We have conducted different campaigns for free education, we have organised group donations and promoted CSR activities as a business model. Some of our partners include UNICEF, Dobri Rodjak, Mali Svet etc.