About us

Skills story stared in the last century, in year 1996. At that time we were the only training company in Serbia. During last 27 years we were working hard on new skills and knowledge adopting and development. 

At Skills, we combine knowledge, skills, passion and innovation. We are constantly finding ways to further develop people. Our impressive customer list (400+  companies) is the best recommendation we can have!
We are especially proud that we have not advertised for 27 years, we did not have a single advertisement to look for trainees. We received most of our clients (87%) via referral.

In our view, human development equals business development. This is a key component of the success of any company. By training employees and developing their skills, companies achieve a significant comparative advantage in the market.

We had more than 63.200 participants at our trainings. Young people, who are in the beginning of their careers, those who are in training for the first time or experienced managers in the highest positions in their companies, have all used our innovative and practical way of training, which we are especially proud of.


Training programs

Training programs are modeled to your organization to ensure employee success in completing your business results. Working closely with you from the earliest moment, we ensure that your objectives are realized, as well as that educational effect are permanent once that participants are back to their working environment. We will envision and realize solutions that are best suited to your needs, corporate culture, values and style of work.
By implementing innovative learning methods, our training programs are motivating and inspiring participants to achieve the best possible results.

Each program from our more than 40 trainings, could be realized at location of your choice or adapted to your needs. In house training is extremely efficient in case when you need fast adoption of new knowledge, skills and attitudes.  

Our next generation training facility  www.experiencecenter.rs offers flexible learning experience. It is equipped with high definition AV systems and Samsung tablets to ensure total interactive training experience.

In Belgrade we enjoy venue of new „Oxygen“- event club, with 150 seating capacity that provides perfect possibilities for outdoor team building events of all kinds.

Skills experience


Change is constant. Challenges never stop. We have resources and skills to drive organizations and individuals forward in every business environment, as well as help them develop in any time of change. Individuals, teams, organizations can benefit from our unique educational approach based on practice and experience – „Skills learning experience“.

Based on our 27 year experience, we discovered that the most efficient training is still happening in classroom, where knowledge is generated from exchange of real people facing the real life experience.

Here you will always find trainers with relevant experience of the topic he is teaching. Skills is not ''one man band''. Skills trainings are performed by professionals in their specialized area, they average 17 years experience in their expertise. This is why they are able to look at the issues from different angles and to offer significant advise and support.

Our trainers, all 15 of them, are not “teachers“ – they are practitioners in relevant area, focused to things that matter the most in real working situation. Participants to our trainings agree that the trainers make the difference, they rate our trainers 4,9 of maximum 5 points. Besides, your employees are learning together with colleagues from your organization, exchanging insights and knowledge.

There is not „New skills app“ It is something that you have to experience, exercise, something that needs attention for details when it comes to situation to make the difference. There is nothing that can substitute learning through practice; Skills has never advertised, our satisfied clients are our best ad.

We are experience in working with multinational companies and foreign team, our trainings and Team Buildings could be performed in English!

Spending two or three days on training could seem a lot, however, if you take in consideration that this is the time dedicated to real new skills adopting, than it is time and money well spent.

Don't forget: We don't teach  –  we improve business results.



Mission and vision

Our vision is to continuing to inspire individuals, teams and organizations to achieve top business results.

Our mission is to by offering innovative and top quality interactive education, influence raising awareness of participants, improving services, communication and personal development on global level.


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                    Skills values:

                   • We believe in unlimited possibilities of people

                  • We appreciate practicality and constructive approach

                  • We encourage innovative and creative spirit

                  • We honor team work and corporate integrity

                  • We reward extra effort and initiative







Dragan Djordjević 

Mr. Dragan Djordjević graduated Belgrade University as Informatics engineer.
Last 26 years he is professional educator. In his early career he worked in holiday tour operators Yugotours London and Thomson Holidays, and later he was sales director at Hyatt Regency Belgrade.

In 1995. he starts his own education business, and in 1996. he owns the first HR company in Serbia - Skills Training Centar.

During his carrier he held over 1.000 trainings and  200 team buildings, that attended over 14.000 participants.


Mr. Djordjević is specialized in training:
•    Leadership
•    Presentation skills
•    Coaching
•    Negotiating skills
•    Team Building & Team work


Dragan is Coutry Leader of CEXAS (Customer  nad Employee Experience Association of Serbia) 
He is cofounder and coordinator of HR PRO Club-a since 2003.
Founder of Q-space club from 2011.
President of Asocijacije Autentičnih Hedonista AAH! (Authentic hedonist assosiation) since 2005.
Member of Srpske Asocijacije Menadžera (Serbian Managers assosiation) since 2010.