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Selling for "non-selling" staff

Maybe your job is not connected with selling stuff. But surely from time to time you are in situation to “sell” your ideas, positions, budget proposals, your… and there is somebody who is supposed to “buy” that. There are rules and techniques of communication that increase chance of your success.  Constructive dialogue conducting that other side finds interesting and relevant is certainly a good start. Do you know their needs, wishes? Focusing on individual needs of other party, and using the right word, every discussion could turn into “result” that is favorable both to you and other party.


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After this training you will be able to:

• Detect and overcome obstacles on your way to effective discussion with friends, colleagues and your superiors.
• Start your discussion with creating a trust based relationship.  
• Understand importance of active listening and learning of other party needs.
• Present information in a way that helps decision making.
• Conduct discussion with self confidence, leaving other party feeling pleasant.
• Guide discussion to learn more about real needs of other party
• Furniture your client with information that help him to make decision, linking features, advantages and benefits of the product or service with his personal needs.
• Make your client comfortable about his decision in case he feels indecisive or uncertain regarding your recommendation.
• Practice, practice, practice…

Training duration:

  • 1 day

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