All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19

All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19


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  • Team work & Team Building

Team work & Team Building

We all know that there is no ME in a team. That is wonderful theory but in practice, your work environment is conducted of various types of people with different needs. These people are not for sure motivated to put team goals and needs  in front of personal. Developing an efficient team is the key for business success and client satisfaction.


After this training you will be able to:

  •  Learn how to become  part of a team
  •  Understand different behaviors and how it affects on team and communication
  •  Provide and get support
  •  Make team decisions
  •  Set and put forward team goals in front of personal goals
  •  Understand benefits of team work
  •  Learn what is allowed and what is not allowed in teams
  •  Develop positive team spirit
  •  Predict and prevent possible conflicts between team members
  •  Balance team members in proper way
  •  Learn how to deal with team when team is winning or not

Team Building

If company has extraordinary results and high profit, for sure there is an excellent team there.
Team work means respect, enthusiasm and care.

Do you need an opportunity to meet better, hear different opinions and feel how your team thinks? Team Building event is ideal for this!

team building

Reasons for Team Building:

  1.     You want to reward your employees
  2.     There is a new team in the company that needs to get to know each other.
  3.     There are a few new team members that need to fit in.
  4.     The existing team needs additional motivation and collaboration improvement
  5.     You need to meet individual member’s strengths which can contribute to the result of the whole team
  6.     You need an occasion to define future common challenges
  7.     In the team there is a different perception of the company, team or goals
  8.     Team building event represents corporate social responsibility of the company towards employees
  9.     This is an ideal opportunity to get to know each other and have fun!
  10.     You want to give your employees something to remember!


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Training duration:

  • 1 or 2 days

For more information please call +38169 1387 487!


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