All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19

All trainings are adjusted to the rules of protection against Covid-19


Sales presentations

Do you sometimes wish you had the talent to motivate, persuade and hold the attention of the group?

Dynamic presentation and storytelling are not just for the talented, in fact, there are familiar, special methods and techniques you can learn and practice.

This training will teach you presentation skills and communication techniques that will help you build confidence and gain full listener attention.




How You Will Benefit

  • Learn to control your anxiety
  • Deliver a message that is both clear and appropriate to any audience
  • How to use stories and analogies to make technical information familiar and relevant
  • How to use body language and nonverbal messages to add variety and clarity to presentations
  • Learn persuasive, powerful presentation techniques that move and motivate
  • Discover how to get listeners to participate in your presentation
  • Make an essential step-by-step planning checklist that ensures everything goes smoothly
  • Be able to anticipate questions and practice your responses before your presentation
  • Learn common mistakes that 97% of all presenters make
  • When to use visual aids – charts, graphs and tables


Training duration:

  • 2 days

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