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  • SELLING TO THE BRAIN: Marketing in the New Era of Neuroscience

SELLING TO THE BRAIN: Marketing in the New Era of Neuroscience

Seminar 3. Longer Format: 1 or 2 days.


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There is a basic flaw on how companies communicate. If this was not the case, then every message would be clear and confusions, misunderstandings and market failures would be rare. To solve this problem speaker is using neuroscience, behavioral models, experimental data and case studies to demonstrate comprehensively that companies should urgently learn new ways to do marketing, communications and sales.

The two available options are straightforward: to continue sending messages to the wrong parts of our customers’ brain and achieve nothing OR to focus the right message to the right part of the brain and get results.

Topics under discussion:

  • Breaking misunderstandings and myths concerning our brain
  • Full understanding the brain approach to marketing and sales
  • Exploring how branding really works within the brain
  • Recognizing the impact on marketing research, PR, sales and negotiations
  • Learning a comprehensive model for applying brain-based marketing
  • Making your own brain ‘marketing-smarter’ and achieve more!

Training can be boosted by live demo of neuro-tech. We select 2 to 4 participants and in front of everyone we put them neuro-devices and show them various messages. Couple of hours later we present results to showcase how the brain reacts subconsciously to information.